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Return of (the) Blockbuster

In Digital Video Kiosks on August 17, 2010 at 10:27 am

News from WSJ is that Blockbuster has got an extension until September 30 from its debtors.

The financial travails on one side, Blockbuster continues to make inroads into the video sharing market on the other side. It is definitely a race against time for the beleaguered company. The NCR fueled kiosks and the new streaming initiatives with Comcast will hopefully pump in enough revenue to keep the company afloat. The price of content cannot be better exemplified than the case of Blockbuster. They must have a better collection of titles than rival Redbox in my opinion. NCR’s decision to replace their DVDPlay kiosks with Blockbuster kiosks at many locations must also be in part due to the better offerings.

As it stands now they are all hustling to get a better footing in the video rental market.

NetFlix – The Epix deal further strengthens their online offering with new age hits like IronMan and classics like the Godfather and perennial favorites like the Indiana Jones series.

RedBox – They have now started offering BluRay titles in many locations along with the standard $1 DVD rentals.

It is an interesting premise with each player having his own stand alone strengths and subtle and not-so-subtle attempts to enter the space of the competition. How will the table look like on September 30?