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The Challenge For Photo Kiosk Vendors

In Digital Photo Kiosks on August 17, 2010 at 4:24 am
Digital Photo Kiosks are primarily self-servicekiosks designed with a premium on ease-of-use.The kiosk manufacturers are constantly upgradingthe system side with better components andtechnology. This progress includes enabling highspeed USB digital media readers and better UI experience. Vendors like SCM also ensure that thelatest media formats and specifications arecomplied with in these readers.In the last couple of years, with increased usage of digital photo kiosks, the focus in the industry has shifted to serviceability. Customers have beenimplementing different methods to prevent longdown time of the kiosk. While high traffic areasimplement multiple kiosks, this is not always aneffective solution due to space and costconstraints. Modular digital media readers enableservicing of components without any actualdowntime. The defective media slots can be hotswapped with spare functional ones by the storemanager itself. Lesser downtime means continuedrevenue.The focus is equally divided between what ishappening within the kiosk to what is happening infront of it. – specifically, the increasing capacity of camera cards.
To quote a kiosk maker – “the new media today have more capacity than the hard disks in our kiosks!”

Software Library as a Service

In Digital Photo Kiosks on August 17, 2010 at 4:03 am
Software libraries can be designed with the aim of reducing the time spent in browsing the pictures by quickly cataloguing them. Users can then select a
group of pictures that they want to access instead of scanning each and every one of them in sets of 8, 16 and so on.
The library should ideally be independent of the digital media readers. They can then be employed for all photo kiosks in a generic fashion. This neutrality further allows the software to access input devices other than digital media readers like USB thumb-drives, CD and DVD drives. By providing just a library and back end interface, vendors can ensure that the look and feel of the
kiosk software is not changed. Sorting pictures and cataloging them is expected to enhance the photo kiosk software performance by a minimum of 25% up to almost instantaneous sorting depending upon the options chosen.